Program Contents:

The program contains three modules discussing new approaches and concepts of leadership. The role of leadership in establishing effective teams, dealing and motivating them is thoroughly discussed. 

Participants’ profile:

The program is based on dialogue and discussion and is supported by practical examples. It contains several self-assessment questionnaires, individual assignments and group workshops. The participants will enjoy getting knowledge and working together in a comfort and friendly atmosphere.   

Program Outlines:

Seats are limited.

I- The Leader’s Mindset
How do we learn?
Facts and myths about leadership
Leadership…why and what?
Leadership functions
Leadership versus management
The leader’s mindset
II- Leadership Views & Style
Leadership theories
Transactional versus transformational leadership
Leadership roles
Leadership styles
Flexibility of leadership styles
III- Situational Leadership
Leaders and follower’s relationship
Distributed leadership
Leaders’ behaviors: Autocratic versus Democratic Leaders
Situational leadership
Delegation & Empowerment 

This course will be delivered by highly respected expertise in the field of leadership training, with long records of training with Pharmaceuticals & other industries. 

About the Program:

Join us in this training and benefit from discounted rates for groups more than 10.

Registration cost: AED 1850 + VAT (5%).

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The program is suitable for young managers who would like to increase their effectiveness and upgrade their roles in their relative organizations. Both junior and middle managers will be benefited from the program as it thoroughly reviews how to move from a traditional manager into more effective and innovative leader. 

Program Objectives:

As part of continuous employees’ development; we are organizing this focused leadership training where you can attend virtually online over 2 days (2&3 February 2021). 
The role of leadership in organizations and societies are becoming more important than ever. The traditional “manager concept”, whatever efficient, is not enough anymore to achieve the ambitious visions and goals of the new century’s organizations. 
Competition is fierce and it is only the role of effective and innovative leaders that will differentiate between the alike. The program shows participants how to move from traditional managers into effective leaders who can achieve their own visions as well as those of their organizations and societies. 

1- Identify the importance, functions and role of leadership.
2- Study/comprehend different theories, approaches and types of leadership
3- Identify leaders’ characteristics, capabilities and strategies 
4- Comprehend the leader’s role in different organizational functions
5- Turn into effective leaders who adopt the right approaches to lead their teams and achieve their organizational goals.  

2 & 3