Compass Conferences

Compass Conferences Company is a professional Company based in UAE specializes in the organization and management of conferences, seminars and similar events.

Our objective is organizing successful conferences. We deliver more than just wonderfully run meetings; we add the vision and flair that will transform your conference into a genuinely inspiring experience.


We concentrate on the full planning of your meeting, organizing and running it from set up to closure. In this way, you and your team can devote all your time and energy on the content of the meeting. 

​We also assist you in raising the funds to make your meeting financially viable, by contacting potential sponsors as well as by setting up the commercial exhibition. Our consolidated database contains both scientific and commercial high-profile contacts, which we can target based on the aim of your meeting.

Here at Compass Conferences, we are dedicated to you and all your different accounting needs.

Our most important win is making you a happy, life-long customer. 

Whether you are an organizer, participant or sponsor, 
​we are here to assist you:

Our Objective


The Organization committee

Will enjoy the reviews that come from having your organization linked with a memorable, enjoyable, and well-run experience.

Will appreciate the comfort of registration,the clarity of communications, thecreativity of the concept, the excellence of the program, and the appeal of the setting.​

Sponsorship opportunities:
​Sponsors will be pleased at the opportunities to stand out their unique services or materials to reinforce their brand in the minds of conference attendees.

Our Scope