Health Economics & Market Access Challenges Program

What you will learn from this program:

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Due too good response for our program; we have decided to extend our registration rates as below;
- Early bird (before February 20th, 2022): 2500 AED
- Normal rates (after February 20th, 2022): 3000 AED
- All prices are subjected to 5% governmental tax.


As per our CPD program (Continuous Personal Program), you have to get our Health Economics & Market access Challenges Program. Where you can virtually attend our 4 sessions program.

The course will be delivered by highly expert trainers in this field who are covering this subject through different organization. 

Health Economics and Market Access training will empower the employees in discussions with payers

• Understand the role, stakeholders and key concepts of pricing & reimbursement policy and how it is connected to pricing & reimbursement policy

• Have a clear notion of what building blocks constitute successful market access strategies at national and subnational level

• Assess the role of Health Care Economic Assessment in the pricing & reimbursement decision making processes

• Learn about key assessment logics and methods in different Health Technology Assessment paradigms (e.g. costeffectiveness analysis, budget impact assessment, added clinical benefit, selected scoring algorithms)

• Discuss the current status and the future dynamics of HTA in the region and prepare for most likely developments

• Practice how elements of health economics can strengthen value propositions innovative medicines and make them attractive from a payer perspective.