All Health Professionals who are interested to incorporate MusculoSkeletal Ultrasound

in their Clinical Practice.


- To learn the basic principles of MSUS.

- To learn the indications and limitations of MSUS.

- To identify the ultrasound Tissues Signatures..

- To identify basic pathologic MSUS findings.

- To report ultrasound findings and diagnosis.

Getting familiar with the Machine.

Probe Management.

Cable Management.

Gel Management.

Buttons Management.

Tissues Signatures.

Image acquisition and optimization.

Documentation and Reporting.

Hands On:  - Getting Familiar with the Machine.

                     - Machine Management.

Knee SonoAnatomy.

Knee SonoPathology.

Knee SonoIntervention.

Hands On: - Knee SonoAnatomy.


Friday, 03 April, 2020 

BONAR Course

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