27 - 29 October, 2023

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Participants  of different MusculoSkeletal Specialities will be distributed in Small groups of 5 - 6 participants for each group for the Hands On training.


Seats are limited.

All MusculoSkeletal Health Professionals, who are interested to incorporate MusculoSkeletal Ultrasound in their Clinical Practice and had attended EULAR or EULAR Endorsed Basic Course before.

It is really important to join because of the following reasons: 

- Top Level Faculty.

- Rich 6 Joints program with Hands-on Workshops. 

- Qualifying for the next Level. 

- Branded Course. 

- Top level of Organization, as ever.

For registration, email us at:

Please, to put  (Manama EULAR Endorsed MSUS Course) in The Subject of your email.

Activity Structure


Who can register?


The Event has been designed following the recommendations for the content and conduct of musculoskeletal ultrasound courses of EEULAR. 1.

The course will be run for 3 days.
It will focus on Musculoskeletal examination technique, normal Musculoskeletal Sonoanatomy and detection of the principal Musculoskeletal pathologies. It will consist of lectures with demonstrations and hands-on scanning in small groups per each ultrasound machine on hands of experienced tutor.

Reference: (1)  Recommendations for the content and  conduct  of  musculoskeletal ultrasound courses  European  League  Against  Rheumatism (EULAR). Ann Rheum Dis 2008; 67:1017-1022

EULAR Scientific Endorsed MSUS Course 

Why Join : 


The faculty will consist of international teachers highly experienced in MSUS . 

Their guidance ensures students will build MusculoSkeletal Ultrasound skills that will enable them to add to their patients care and outcome.


Registration : 

- To know the Doppler physics, technology and artefacts.
- To know the application, indications and limitations of Doppler.
- To optimize Doppler settings.
- To use color and power Doppler to detect

   synovial and entheseal inflammation.
- To detect structural joint damage (i.e. bone, tendons, cartilage).
- To perform sonographic-guided

   periarticular and articular injections

Intermediate Level

For The 1st Time