- To learn the principles and physics of MSUS.
- To learn the indications and limitations of MSUS.
- To identify the Sonoanatomy.

- To perform an ultrasound assessment of each musculoskeletal

   anatomical region using a standardized examination method.
- To identify the Sonopathology.

-  All about Doppler:  

- To report ultrasound findings and diagnosis.

Activity Structure

Official Language:

The First 



All MusculoSkeletal Health Professionals, who are interested to incorporate MusculoSkeletal Ultrasound in their Clinical Practice.


12 - 14 October, 2018

Who can register?

Registration : 

Participants  of different MusculoSkeletal Specialities will be distributed in Small groups of 5 - 6 participants for each group for the Hands On training.


EULAR Endorsed

MusculoSkeletal Sonography Meeting - Basic & InterMediate Levels

Seats are limited.





​Ramses Hilton Hotel

Cairo, Egypt 

Why Join : 

The Event has been designed following the recommendations for the content and conduct of musculoskeletal ultrasound courses of European  League Against  Rheumatism (EULAR). 1.

The course will be run for 3 days.
It will focus on Musculoskeletal examination technique, normal Musculoskeletal Sonoanatomy and detection of the principal Musculoskeletal pathologies. It will consist of lectures with demonstrations and hands-on scanning in small groups per each ultrasound machine on hands of experienced tutor.

Reference: (1)  Recommendations for the content and  conduct  of  musculoskeletal ultrasound courses  European  League  Against  Rheumatism (EULAR). Ann Rheum Dis 2008; 67:1017-1022

It is really important to join because of the following reasons: 

- Top Level Faculty.

- Rich 6 Joints program with Hands-on Workshops. 

- Qualifying for the next Level. 

- Branded Course. 

- Top level of Organization, as ever.

For registration, email us at: compassconferences@yahoo.com

Please, to put  (Egypt MSUS Course) in The Subject of your email.

The faculty will consist of international teachers highly experienced in MSUS . 

Their guidance ensures students will build MusculoSkeletal Ultrasound skills that will enable them to add to their patients care and outcome.